Aida Makoko

Had the pleasure of attending the Aida Makoto: Monument For Nothing opening reception at the Mori Art Museum in Roppongi Hills last night. This is the first major solo exhibition of Aida Makoto, and believe me, it’s about time. The Metropolis magazine crew and myself were treated to a special tour of the exhibition by Kayoko Machino (in charge of international public relations), where she explained where Aida san was coming from on a lot of his pieces. We were truly lucky to get such insight from a knowledgeable source.

Aida’s work varies in style and themes but is pretty much always edgy and thought provoking. The scale and detail of the works are mind-blowing. There is even an above-18 room where more of his less-tame works are on display. Aida may be a true genius who will one day be known as one of the most important artists of his time.

The exhibition runs from November 17, 2012 to March 13, 2012 at the Mori. See for yourself.

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